Record and send rap via iMessage

I am a big fan of rap music (especially French rap). During parties, my friends and I would joke around and challenge each other in rap battles.

So, I quickly grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and started sketching an app that would let us do just that. The basic idea behind the app was that users could play a beat, record their voice over it and send the recording to their friends via text message (iMessage on iOS). I decided to call it RapMic.

From The Idea to The UI

I started to list what users will do to achieve their goal:

  • Select and play a beat
  • Record voice
  • Preview recording
  • Send recording

Then I thought about user flow. My goal for version 0.1 was to let them interact with the app in one single view. I came up with this logic to communicate the essential functionality of the view.

App user flow.


Once I mapped out the user flow, I began drawing wireframes of the UI.

Layout exploration.

Version 0.1

Both CD and vinyle metaphor felt pretty strong. I decided to go for the CD because of its 90's feels.

Stacking the record, play and send buttons at the bottom of the screen would make the controls easy to interact with (everythings is within the reach of your natural thumb arc).

I wanted the record button to look like a microphone, so I draw circles to represent a simplified microphone grid.

Prototyping App Interaction

I prototyped animations using Framer. When a user plays a beat, I had this metaphor of a CD-ROM spinning.

Beat spinning animation.

When tapped, the record button turns into a stop recording button with a timer in the center.


See prototype v.0.1: here


I knew a little to no programming before starting building RapMic v.0.1. Other than Appleā€™s documentation site, here is a list of articles and resources that help me to develop the app:

I would like to give a special thanks to my friend @KyleZaragoza for his support and feedbacks on building my first app.


RapMic v.0.1 was lauched on July 10, 2015 with barely no marketing. The app was featured on Product Hunt, The Next Web and was named "Best iOS App of the Week" on Gizmodo.

The app got downloaded from all over the world, more than 2000 downloads from countries including: UK, Brazil, China, USA, Canada, Netherlands and France.